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Mt. 1830

Rifugio Alpe Piazza

The Hut welcome hikers that, after the crossing of the striking May pastures of Scoccia, Corte Grassa, Corte Grande and Baitridana, reach Alpe Piazza, wonderful pasture set inside the Park of Valtellina Orobie. In winter, the snowy Leguj Summit or Lago is ideal for skiers or those using snowshoes, whereas summer hikes are accompanied by cows in the fields and by sheperds concentrated in their work, while the dairyman produces the famous Bitto cheese, the tasty Mascherpa according to the ancient cheese-making techniques. These two products are basic for our cuisine. The Hut, arranged on two floors, ows rooms with  4-6-8 beds, for a minimum total amount of 24 beds, up to a maximum of 30 beds;  two bathrooms, one of them with shower, are at rooms’ disposal. The dining room can host up to  40 seats and is provided with two bathrooms. In summer, the external tables increase the accomodating capacity.
Beds: 26 Dining seats: 40 External table seats: 25 Local Places Winter: 1 Opening On Request
  • Access On Foot Only
  • Wheelchair Access
  • GSM Coverage
  • Sheets as Option
  • Hot Water
  • Shower
  • Local Products
  • Menu for Vegetarians
Activity of environmental education of every kind and degree
Pasture activity and its products linked to the hut
Activity of taste education for children and adults with guided tasting

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